The software industry is booming and is always coming up with new advancements and discoveries. DevOps is considered one such advancement in the software field during recent times.

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The software industry is booming and is always coming up with new advancements and discoveries. DevOps is considered one such advancement in the software field during recent times. The approach of DevOps has made software work better, quicker, and easier. Hence, DevOps is trending in software, and many IT professionals are eager to take up the DevOps Certification Training Course. This course will keep any IT professional ahead of their peers, and the perks will be much better both professionally and financially. What is DevOps? As the word says, it is a combination of 2 words- Development and Operations. It is an approach that combines the practices of software development and IT operations. The idea behind combining 2 practices is to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery while maintaining the higher quality of the software. DevOps has its roots in Agile methodology as many aspects complement Agile software development. DevOps practice allows a single team to manage the entire application development cycle, including development, testing, deployment, and monitoring. This approach helps in developing superior quality software quickly and with more reliability. There are various stages in this practice, and they are-
  • Continuous Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Monitoring.
Considering the complexity and technology of DevOps, it is important to choose the right learning platform. Hence, it is recommended to learn it from a good DevOps Online Training Course, which can be extremely efficient for the career growth of an IT professional.

Why Should We Learn DevOps Online Course?

The Software Industry is bombarded with a higher amount of competition, and also we cannot neglect the saturation of CS graduates compared to the number of IT jobs. In such conditions, an IT professional needs to look out for ways to add the latest skills to his CV and stand out from his fellow peers, and DevOps online course is one such opportunity that should add to their skills. Many software companies implement the DevOps methodology due to its benefits like improved automation, effective security, superior product quality, container technology, lesser time consumption, and smoother workflow. A DevOps Engineer is considered a valuable asset in a software company, and there is increasing demand for such professionals. DevOps knowledge will enable a professional to induce faster release cycles, integrate various tools, provide better knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and boost professional credibility along with the company's growth.

What Will We Learn From a DevOps Online Course?

An online course on DevOps dives into the most basic concepts of software development and IT operations and leaps into the most complicated implementation methods.DevOps Certification Training Course is designed to target the current skill sets required in the industry. The course covers many aspects of DevOps like,
  • In-depth knowledge of DevOps methodology
  • How to implement software version control
  • How to containerize code on production using Docker
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins
  • Management of configuration using Puppet and Ansible
  • Automating build and test using Selenium and Maven.
Professionals can also learn about container orchestration using Kubernetes and performance training and monitoring using Nagios. The question arises: Who is the DevOps Online Training Course relevant to? This course is relevant for all the.
  • IT Professionals
  • Software Testers
  • System Admins
  • Solution Architects
  • Security Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • Integration Specialists.
These IT professionals can add great skills to their experience by taking this course. In addition, the DevOps course will be a great add-on for professionals who already have basic knowledge about Linux and who have prior IT experience. It will help make the technology learning experience a smoother and faster one. DevOps being the trend in the software industry, the challenges in the accessibility of learning the methodology has been eliminated by the online courses. There is always curiosity around the DevOps Online Training Fees, which must be clarified as the most trending software course; DevOps is being charged a very generous and nominal fee. However, the nominal fee of the DevOps course is easily affordable by any IT professional, including a beginner.

Careers and Future Prospects.

The trend circulating the DevOps course and the benefits have been emphasized, but professional and financial growth are bigger parameters to be considered when selecting the course. According to Gartner, the DevOps industry is expected to grow six times this year. Furthermore, the statistics claim that the average annual salary of a DevOps engineer in the United States is $136,500, and in India, it is approximately INR 666,232. According to Forbes, DevOps jobs will be the highest paying jobs shortly. A DevOps architect is considered the backbone of any organization's technical team. DevOps will play a major role in numerous fields in the near future. Its application will be exploited by many in the,
  • Security field
  • AI/ML framework
  • Automation in all companies
  • Container Technology
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Integration between Edge Services
  • Seamless Security Integration
  • Job as a Code
  • Override Configuration Management.


A professional career is a roller coaster ride for any individual, which is mixed with big achievements and prolonged hiccups; the same is true for a career in the software industry. Such prolonged hiccups should never decide the fate of one's career. On the contrary, it should be the stepping stone to improving one's caliber and knowledge. Online courses like DevOps are a breath of fresh air for these individuals and other IT professionals. Through the course, professionals can improvise their skills and add the knowledge of new tools and technologies to their experience, which can polish their skillset and help them approach their profession with new energies. DevOps Online Training Fees are decent and affordable, which comes as a blessing for all the IT professionals who chase growth and knowledge. Growth is a synonym for the people who invest in themselves and develop their skills.

Course Currilcum

    • Introduction to Mobile Apps 00:10:00
    • Development Of Mobile Apps 00:30:00
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