With the growing speed of the internet, there is unmatchable growth in technology which has made everything possible over the internet.

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With the growing speed of the internet, there is unmatchable growth in technology which has made everything possible over the internet. When so many operations are happening over the internet, there is equal risk of data breach, thefts and other similar malpractices over the internet. Hence, this whole network requires a defense system which can protect us from being the victims. Cyber security is one such practice that shields us from internet frauds. With growing cybercrimes, Cyber security practice has gained a lot of importance and there is innumerable Cyber Security Courses Online who trains students to become professionals in practicing Cyber security.

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks and programs from digital attacks. The digital attacks include disclosure of information, theft, and damage of electronic data, disruption or misdirection of services, ransomware, accessing and destroying sensitive information. Cyber security focuses on protecting electronic assets and provides multiple layers of protection spread across the computers, networks, programs and data. The main goal of Cyber security is to ensure the system’s dependability and data privacy.

Cyber security is a study that requires knowledge of both the threats and also the protection against them. Every minute detail in relation to cybersecurity can be learned in a Cyber Security Course Online and also put to practice like a professional.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Today the internet has reached most remote places on the earth and with so many people connected over the internet; a lot of personal as well as confidential data is under severe risk. This data needs to be secured and defended against any type of breach.

From horoscopes to banking, from buying stocks to buying a house, everything is done over the internet. Hence, such delicate and confidential data must be protected from malicious attacks via Cyber security.

It’s a boon for the internet generation like us that we have Online Cyber Security Courses with Certificates which not only helps us develop knowledge on cyber security but also pursue it further as a career.

What to Learn from a Cyber Security Course?

A Cyber Security Course trains students on various skills like threat intelligence, network security and risk management. They teach network security against hackers, trackers, exploit kits, wifi attacks and many more related topics. They also update students on the latest information of cybercrimes and the methods of protection against them. The course also covers topics like security vulnerabilities across an entire network by using network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning.

The other aspect of the course includes learning how to configure firewalls on Windows, Mac OS & Linux for all types of attacks. The knowledge about network monitoring and search engine privacy is provided in the course. The course also teaches how to use authentication methods like passwords, multi factor authentication. Related to passwords, one can also learn about the best password managers, methods used to crack passwords and ways to mitigate password attacks.

Overall, the courseteaches everything about information security, information warfare, identifying threats, minimizing risks and strategies on when to play offense or defense with information and communication technologies.

Can Cyber Security be Chosen as a Career Option?

Yes, Cyber Security can be chosen as a career option and can be practiced like any other profession.

With the growth of the internet and so much data on the internet, cyber threats have become the most common problem and the requirement of a professional is much in demand. Many organizations who do a major chunk of their work over the internet look for a cyber security professional and in such situations, students with a certificate in cyber security are given a preference. Hence, to build a career in cyber security it’s always wise to opt for Online Cyber Security Courses with Certificates.

Regarding the growth in cyber security jobs, the main push for cyber security jobs are the cyber threats which are massive considering the use of the internet and the data on it. Cyber security failure is among the top 5 global risks according to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2021.

Future Prospects

After doing a Cyber Security Course Online, the major dilemma for an individual comes regarding how to start as a professional? These online courses provide their students with placements as cyber security professionals.

A cyber security student will start his/her career as a Cyber Security Intern/ Information Security Intern/ Junior Cyber Security Associate/ Pentester Intern/ Cyber Security Apprentice; this is an entry level position in this field. This position is followed by Cyber Security Analyst/ Information Security Analyst/ Security Engineer/ SOC Analyst/ Penetration Tester/ Cryptographer/ White Hat Hacker/ Data Security Analyst/ AWS Cloud Architect, after which the designation changes to Information Security Manager/ Warehouse Supervisor/ Production Manager/ Quality Assurance Manager.

Following which the position changes to Information Security Director, then VP Cyber security/ Cyber Security Executive and finally he/she can reach the highest rank in this field which is Chief Information Security Officer/ Head of Cyber Security/ President Cyber Security.

The designations vary in different organizations as there are multiple divisions in the study of Cyber Security, whichever division an individual chooses to pursue he/she can continue to grow in that aspect of the study.

Any profession requires discipline, hardwork and dedication to flourish, the same is true for a career in Cyber Security. Cyber threats are at extreme rise in the present and it will surely take a leap in the near future, hence its important to make our defenses stronger. The online Cyber Security Course is one such way of guarding against digital attacks, thefts, ransomware and many more. Huge number of people has suffered because of these digital malpractices but unfortunately they did not have any answers to these threats in the past. At present, considering the accessibility of online courses on Cyber Security and rising demand for Cyber Security Professionals, it is evident that there will be better defenses against digital malpractices and better answers to all the cyber threats.

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